At Vasquez we offer high grade & high security products for your business needs. ranging from Grade 1 & 2 commercial hardware in lever handles, door knobs, single & double cylinder deadbolts with different keyway options that best suit your business. As professional locksmiths we can help you choose what systems work best for you.

We can help you with door hardware, whether it be a maintanence routine, or replacement of parts. At Vasquez we work with a variety of door hardware. Exit devices, rim cylinders, push bar systems, door closers, and much more. For questions call (360) 825-4707.

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Here at Vasquez we take care of your residential needs, we do a variety of services for home or grade 3 lock hardware. Give us a call for an over the phone free quote on your project.

Routine Services

●Lock Rekeys
●Lock Installation
●Lockout Calls
●Door & Lock Repairs
●Key Copies
●Electronic Keypad Lock Installation or Repair


♦ Automotive Services we provide include Lockouts, Lost Key situations, Door and Ignition Cylinder Rekeys, Transponder Key programming, Fob programming, High Security Key Cutting, Proximity Key Function Programming, Automotive Lock Repairs and replacement parts, Door Hardware Repairs and Replacement parts. For more information or for specific services give us a call.

♦ Reasons for a rekey on your vehicle
● Reasons can vary, but the most common issue that requires a rekey is a faulty cylinder that may be rough to turn or may not even turn anymore. the procedure we do is take apart your vehicles lock and either repair (if possible) or replace components such as the tumblers for complete functionality of the lock cylinder.

♦ Tips for healthy lock cylinders.
● Have one key designated for key copies only. perferably an original key. What this does is help keep the key quality good and also prevents tumbler ware from different depths that may occur with multiple key copies made from other key copies.
● Lubricate your locks every 2-3 months. this preventative measure insures prolonging the life of your vehicle lock cylinders. Many locksmiths have their preferred lock lubricant and can tell you the benefits of lubricating your locks whether it be for your vehicle locks, or house locks. lubricating helps keep dirt and grime out keeping your cylinders nice and clean.

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